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Need help with life's challenges?

Hi, I'm Lisa, I am an experienced Solution Focused Hypnotherapist.

I am passionate in supporting people to enhance their well-being. I have experience working with both adults and children and young people within a number of different areas. I know how successful this Hypnotherapy can be, as both my daughter and myself have personally seen the benefits.

So, how does Solution Focused Hypnotherapy work?

This therapy is very simple, yet very profound. It is a safe, powerful technique creating a deeply relaxed state of the body, mind and emotions. It is the bringing together of the conscious and sub-conscious minds in trance. When we do this, we can bypass our conscious mind which is often fearful and analytical.

Our conscious mind can often hinder progress during counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy, or other types of psychotherapy. We reduce worry through relaxation and visualisation enabling you to find solutions, whilst focusing on the positives rather than the problem. During hypnosis, positive language and imagery are used to help change behaviour.

What can you expect in our sessions?

Dependant on what you need help with, I can tailor the therapy by using specifics reframes of how you may want to act in a given situation. This is very powerful, as it's your hopes and preferred future inserted into the relaxation. Listened to regularly, this leads to re-wiring the neural pathways in the brain. You can expect a unique experience, focused on what’s personal to you and we work in partnership to change your life for the better, whatever you choose that to be.

My focus is to help adults and children enhance their well-being with tailored sessions. I incorporate a solution focused approach with understanding how our brain works under stress. We recognise your achievements and promote self-acceptance.

Hypnotherapy helps with many aspects of health and well-being. It can reduce stress, help with low mood and conditions which can lead to depression and anxiety, reduce addictive behaviours and pain, enhance self-esteem and confidence, plus help with motivation and goal achievement - for a full list please check out the rest of my website.

Join me on a journey of self-discovery to enhance your life, reduce anxiety and focus on your strengths. You are worth the investment.

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