Client Feedback:

"I would like to say my sessions with you have been very successful and  I have really enjoyed it.  It seems to have got me through a bad time just lately.  Thanks, Lisa, for your patience and understanding".


"I would like to say that my sessions with Lisa over the past few months have made a huge positive difference in my life.  The techniques that I have learnt I have adapted into my day-to-day life.  Some have been to deal with pain, some emotional and some are to regain my confidence with learning skills to use very easily whenever necessary.  Lisa has been always so supportive throughout my journey with her professional ability to do so, using her many skills.  I would highly recommend anyone to consider this amazing therapy process to achieve what they need.  I would especially recommend Lisa without a question of any doubt, she is superb.  My friends and family have certainly noticed the difference with me since having sessions with Lisa". 


"I have really enjoyed my sessions with Lisa.  The language patterns have helped bring clarity and an added positivity to my goals and challenges, in particular my decision to go Alcohol Free.  Lisa is so encouraging and brings her knowledge of the brain and how it works to each session, really cementing what you are achieving each week.  The relaxation is such a lovely self-care tool that I will most certainly be taking from our time together.  Thankyou Lisa for your time and all your amazing support".


"I have been very fortunate to work with Lisa.  It was a pleasure to work with her and it definitely helped me.  I needed help coping with my health but mostly my mum.  I was glad that we didn’t have to talk about the past.  The language pattern really did make a big difference and I listened to it whenever I could.  I got to a 10 fairly quickly and stayed there.  I am now much better at coping and saying no to my mum.  I would recommend Lisa and have done to anyone".   



"Lisa, your self-belief in what you know shows and that helped me.  Your voice is really calming and soothing to listen to.  You are a good listener and I feel you care and in that moment of our therapy you advise me in positive practical ways.  It's helped me realise the importance of zoning out and making time for me!  I have learned that if you go over the positives it really helps in the long run.  The sessions calmed me on anxious occasions where normally I'd be over thinking and uptight probably going into a panic attack.  You not only explained the process of what you were doing but you explained the science behind it to help me understand what you were doing.  I felt safe when I was relaxing and letting go around you". 



"Lisa’s sessions taught me how to look at things in my life differently.  Her words really taught me how to have a different outlook on life.  After my sessions with lisa I felt more focused on what was important in my mind and could see more clearly what was important and what wasn’t.  I learned that words and the way they are spoken really influenced me.  I was much more relaxed after our sessions".


"My relaxation sessions with Lisa have helped me enormously over the past 2.5 months.  When I started the sessions, I was under stress due to family issues, the stress diminished after a few relaxation sessions and I feel that it is now under control.  I also feel happier, more at ease and more confident.  The sessions had a very calming effect on me".   


"Lisa gave me weekly sessions of SFH.  I was a bit sceptical before the sessions started but I can honestly say that the sessions were very good.  My sleep, mood and focus all improved.  People commented on how much more relaxed I had become.  Even my blood pressure improved.

Thank you Lisa for your time and the opportunity to take part in these sessions. I can highly recommend them".


Lisa was fantastic! I didn't realise how effective hypnotherapy would be online and I can say it has really helped me, not only with my anxiety, depression and my fear of large crowds but Lisa was also able to provide support for my smoking habits. Smoking has been a vice for me for many years and tried multiple ways to give up and I can hand on heart say I have not smoked 1 cigarette since my session with her. I was so sceptical at first but it was a great experience with amazing results, I would highly recommend!!

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