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Why choose Me?


I am patient, empathetic, trusting and understanding.  I will work in partnership with you throughout your therapy.  This is a subtle, relaxing, potentially life changing therapy.  Throughout our sessions you will feel relaxed and in control.  You will be guided into a deep relaxation which will help enhance your well-being. 


Throughout the therapy we focus on your strengths and solutions.  Each week you will feel more relaxed, your anxiety will reduce and your confidence will grow.   


With this therapy you have the ability to literally re-wire your mind leading to re-framing your thinking to produce more positive thoughts.  We work on finding your true authentic self. 

I have have undertaken this therapy myself, so I know it works.


I am qualified in my Diploma In Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and have a Level 4 in Hypnotherapy in Practice. 

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