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I work with integrity, empathy & confidentiality

Pricing Structure:

Different payment methods including credit cards accepted via SUM UP payments, plus online banking, cash or cheque.

Results may vary and success is not guaranteed.  Clients need to be fully engaged in the process and want to make the changes.



Initial  Consultation & Relaxation 

(1.5 hour) = £60.


This is a getting to know you session which provides a detailed overview of how our sessions work and an explanation of how our brain works and have evolved.  This provides a greater understating of how we may act in given situations.  It explains how we can literary re-wire our neural pathways to help us move forward with life.  


Fee per weekly session 

£60  or 4 pre-paid sessions with a 10% discount.


Children & Young People


Students living away from home


I am passionate about ensuring that I can help as many people as possible. Concessions available on application.

I want to be instrumental in helping you to change your life for the better,  whatever you choose that to be.

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