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Why Choose me?

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

About me:

Both my teenagers, like many, have faced mental ill health. When my son was seventeen and in the proceeding years, I had concerns about his health & well-being and his anxiety. It was a battle to obtain appropriate support. I remember feeling responsible, fearful and angry together with feeling very anxious about my sons future. I was also frustrated at the lack of speedy support available. Eventually, I managed to get a referral to the Children's and Young People's Mental Health service. Unfortunately, my son did not like this provision and they discontinued his therapy, due to lack of engagement and him not moving forward. This was a very difficult and painful time for my son and my family. I sometimes felt that may be I was to blame and I always felt on high alert for the safety of my son.

When my daughter became ill with separation anxiety in year 8, I was determined not to watch my her go through the difficult times my son had. I heard about this therapy and decided to pay for my daughter to go. It was a big investment of time and money, however I wanted to take support my daughter to take control of her future. The therapy benefits were that it focused on her identifying her strengths and inner resources, so she could move herself forward in life. I sat in on the first session until she felt confident. I felt this was a good approach, as she was then able to speak without the fear of upsetting me in anyway. After about 10 weeks of therapy her therapist and her decided she was resilient enough to go it alone, so she finished her sessions. Today she is far more confident and worries a lot less about life. I also undertook this therapy myself and it gave me the confidence to leave my then employer and retrain in this therapy. So, from personal experience I know this works and I am really passionate about enhancing people’s health & well-being. I have since become a qualified Mental Health First Aider for both Children & Young People and Adults.

Unfortunately, mental health support is often over subscribed, with the Children's and Young People's Mental Health Service being particularly hard to access. There can also be professional snobbery around alternative therapies like hypnotherapy, but this is a recognised valued alternative to main stream services.

How can Solution Focused Hypnotherapy help you?

  • My Solution Focused Hypnotherapy helps with all aspects of health and well-being. It can be helpful in treating symptoms that lead to anxiety and depression.

  • Reduce addictive behaviours and support people to enhance their self-esteem and confidence.

  • Motivation and goal achievement.

  • Reducing pain… many more things….

This therapy is a very simple, safe & powerful technique creating a deeply relaxed state of the body, mind and emotions. This involves relaxation, which uses positive language and imagery to help you enter trance or hypnosis. Trance is something we go into every day naturally e.g., whilst reading a book, watching television, or doing repeated tasks. Trance is often felt like a pleasant daydream, an inner state of relaxed and focused attention. During a trance, we can bypass your thinking mind (which can often hinder us). Being relaxed and feeling safe we are more able to take on board positive language and there is direct access to your subconscious mind where instinctive behaviours are created. As humans we are born with instincts for survival like our flight/fight response. This helps us assess what is happening around us, so we know whether to run or fight. By accessing your subconscious mind, you are less likely to put obstacles in the way of your own progress. Tacking this resistance can create change that lasts. I guide you to focus on your strengths and abilities.

So, during hypnotherapy we tap into our higher thinking which can help you make positive changes to your life in a relatively short period of time. My work can help you make positive changes by focusing on the present and future, not the problem. I use practical, modern, and well-researched strategies such as brain-based explanations, NLP and CBT techniques. Focus is on the present moment and future, whilst helping you to tap into your skills & strengths, so that you are in control of your desired change.

What to expect:

This therapy is a very simple, safe & powerful technique creating a deeply relaxed state of the body, mind and emotions. Progress is often seen from the first session. My work teaches you tools and skills to use in between sessions. It is classed as brief therapy, as it quickly brings results. My clients are helped to regain emotional and psychological balance.

Your first session:

At the initial consultation, we get to know each other and you are given an overview of how our minds works, which helps understand how stress can affect us both physically and mentally.

Stress results in our breathing rate increasing which uses up more oxygen to fuel us for our primitive ‘fight or flight mode’ in response to potential threats. Today, free from wild predators, we can perceive "mental threats" like sitting exams, driving tests & doing presentations.... however, your body still acts in the same way. The more relaxed you are, the more able you are to make well informed positive decisions about your life from your intellectual mind.

When we are stressed and emotional, we will use our primitive mind which makes hasty, often ill-informed decisions based on emotions. If we are continually stressed this can lead to poor sleep, unhealthy eating and drinking, plus poor lifestyle choices. So, managing your primitive mind is key. We talk about your hopes for the future and discuss what areas of your life you want to improve. This is followed by the guided relaxation. You will also be issued an MP3 to listen to every night just before you go to sleep. Repetition is a key part of the process.

Your next session involves:

A re-cap on how the mind works, solution focused talking therapy followed by the relaxation. This is all person centred, aimed at moving you forward to find your own solutions. I work in partnership with you which helps you with the changes you want to make. People have found this therapy can help to improve their thinking ability, productivity and confidence. “By emptying the stress bucket, we allow the brain a greater degree for flexibility in being able to think positively, act positively and interact positively.”

My Experience to Help you:

I am a Clinical, Solution Focused Hypnotherapist with a Level 4 in Hypnotherapy in Practice Diploma and a Diploma in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy. I am also a mental health first aider for children and young people and adults. My degree studies in positive strength-based reflection and motivation will enable me to support you to us on your skills and talents.

Where am I based:

I live in Bridgwater, Somerset and can do my therapy online anywhere in the world. This can be online via Zoom, Teams or What's App. Clients enjoy relaxing in their own home without additional travel costs or stress. Alternatively, if local, we can meet face to face.

I want to be instrumental in helping you to change your life for the better, whatever you choose that to be. I work with integrity, empathy & confidentiality.

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