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What is Solution Focused Hypnotherapy?

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can support you to make positive changes to your life by focusing on the present and future, not the past. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy uses practical, modern and well researched strategies to help you make positive changes in your life. This enables to celebrate your achievements and focus on the positives in your lives rather than your problem(s).

My therapy helps with most aspects of health and well-being, in particular low mood, conditions that lead to depression, with anxiety, self-esteem and confidence building.

How does it work?

I use practical, modern, and well-researched strategies such as brain-based explanations, NLP and CBT techniques to help you make significant, positive changes in your life in a relatively short period of time.

This therapy is very simple, profound, safe & powerful technique creating a deeply relaxed state of the body, mind and emotions. It is the bringing together of the conscious and subconscious minds in trance. This is something we do every day naturally e.g., whilst reading a book, watching television, or doing repeated tasks.

Through Solution Focused Hypnotherapy we can bypass the conscious mind which is often fearful and analytical. The conscious mind can often hinder progress during counselling or other types of psychotherapy.

At the initial consultation you will be given an overview of how our minds work which helps in understanding how we can sometimes feel the way we do. We will reduce worry through relaxation and visualisation enabling you to find solutions whilst focusing on positives rather than problem(s).

I guide people using hypnosis into a relaxed state where there is direct access to your subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind is where instinctive behaviours and natural reactions are created. During hypnosis positive language and imagery are used to help change behaviour.

People have found it helps to improve their thinking ability, productivity and confidence. “By emptying the stress bucket, we allow the brain a greater degree for flexibility in being able to think positively, act positively and interact positively.”

I work in partnership with you which leads to the changes you may want to make in your life. This therapy is very simple but very profound. As you undertake your therapy the possible solutions you need will become more apparent and worked towards. Success can be faster than with other therapies because we can bypass the conscious mind which is often fearful and analytical. This therapy is brief therapy meaning that you are not involved in long-term treatment.

My Experience to Help you:

I am a Clinical, Solution Focused Hypnotherapist. I have a Level 4 Hypnotherapy in Practice Diploma and a Diploma in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy. My Studies in positive strength based reflection and motivation will enable me to support you to focus on your skills and talents.

Evidenced based research on how Hypnotherapy works:

There is an All-Party Parliamentary Group for Integrated Healthcare in December 2018, recommended various measures to ensure all members of the public have access to complementary, traditional and natural therapies, both within and outside the NHS.

List of areas this helps with:

If necessary, in conjunction with medication in the treatment of Depression and Anxiety.

Fears & Phobias.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Painful memories and traumatic experiences.

Panic Attacks.


Obsessions (OCD).


Lack of confidence.

Self Esteem problems.


Nail Biting.


Anti-smoking therapy.


High Blood pressure.

Dealing with habits, addictions and substance abuse.

Pain Management.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Relationship Difficulties.


Skin disorders and many more things.

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