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How can I help my child's mental health?

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

Do you worry about your child's health and well-being in our fast past world?

My own daughter had really bad separation anxiety in year 8 and her mental health went rapidly downhill. My son had previously been ill with depression and anxiety. He had been through a really tough time and we had difficulty accessing support. I did not want to see my daughter so unwell. I discovered Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and it really helped her. There was no real focus on the problem but instead her therapist focused on her strengths. She helped her recognise the things she could do for herself and that she had her own inner resources to help her. They met weekly and she listened the the language pattern each night in between. This part was really important as it helped her take on board the positive language in her sub -conscious mind. She became more relaxed and slept better. As a result, this reduced her worry and she was more focused and confident.

There is nothing weird about Solution Focused Hypnotherapy. The therapist and my daughter co-constructed a preferred future which matched her behaviours, these then stimulated her brains natural reward system. The solution focused conversation followed by indirect trance meant the regions of the brain that generate a mental imagery were activated. During this time her brain was engaged in creative thinking and later she was able to move forwards with her best hopes.

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