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Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and Neuroplasticity.

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

Heard of neuroplasticity? Everything we think, feel & do is governed by how our neurons connect to one another. You can literally grow your own brain cells. Our thoughts, behaviours & environment reflect back on our neurons, influencing the pattern of connections. Our brains are constantly being rewired. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help you rewire with more positive thoughts.

Anxiety and Change.

When we are faced with change, it can be uncomfortable and our "working memory" which is located in our prefrontal cortex engages when we encounter something new. Habits and ‘inappropriate responses’ are stored in our primitive brain. Routine activities and familiar objects and processes such as driving, riding a bicycle are stored in the cerebellum. This lower area works very well without any attention focused on it and without conscious thought. However, when faced with a new situation the prefrontal cortex becomes engaged and uses allot of energy to stayed focused, for example learning to drive a car.

We have a built-in preference to go with what we know, as its comfortable and it uses less less energy/effort. Our brains are developed to find "errors" which are "perceived differences between expectation and actuality.“ The error signals are generated from our primitive brain causing anxiety and fear. Therefore, change can be painful – and requires special effort. So any new instructions or new information, causes our primitive brain to go into defence mode, leading to anxiety.

Benefits of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy.

Work with my clients is about encouraging them to leave problem behaviours in the past, whilst focusing on intensifying and creating new behaviours. This overtime will shape the dominant pathways in the brain and reduce anxiety. My solution focused questioning approach facilitates self insight rather than advice giving. When relaxed in trance, new connections and changes can be made without anxiety or ‘error’ based responses. This happens as clients access their powers of thinking without any ‘threat’ present.

Our brains have an inner urge to discover and understand, to satisfy curiosity. Mostly it wants to satisfy curiosity about ourselves. Human beings have always wanted to know the cause of something. My therapy helps clients understand their thinking and actions. Each week I re-cap on the neuroscience of the brain to help clients understand their problems in a different light. By understanding their brain, they understand why they react in certain ways in given situations.


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